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Beginning of 2015 the most exciting professional challenge in my career started with the request to head the world's first full-time and long-term educational program for color grading.

Since then forty participants joined this unique program and successfully "graduated" from UP.GRADE.

It has been hugely rewarding for me and I feel privileged that I got this chance and met so many talented and dedicated people as participants as well as lecturers.

Being part of it and shaping it was almost too good to be true...


So after four years I decided to step down from heading the program and hand over to my colleague Edmond Laccon. But unfortunately the European fund decided that color grading is "too niche to continue supporting" and the program came to an end in 2019. While the former participants continue to work very successfully in the film and media business, we still receive many requests regarding a future instalment of UP.GRADE. Unfortunately this won't happen any time soon. For the time being you can watch Edmond's visual summary of the program that celebrates its dedication to the art and science of color grading...


About Endlessness (2019) by Roy Andersson
About Endlessness (2019) by Roy Andersson
ich war zuhause, aber (2019) by Angela Schanelec
Lazzaro Felice (2018) by Alice Rohrwacher
Una Mujer Fantastica (2017) by Sebastian Lelio
LIFE (2015) by Anton Corbijn
A Pigeon Sat On A Branch Reflecting On Existence (2014) by Roy Andersson
Antichrist (2009) by Lars von Trier

workshops / lectures


consulting / calibration




I work as teacher/lecturer since 1999 for various filmschools and institutions...

e.g. ifs Int. Filmschool Cologne, DFFB Berlin, HFF Munich, Film University Babelsberg, FH Mainz, Filmacademy Baden-Württemberg, Berlinale Talents, Schnittakademie, Beyond Hands on HD Hannover, Hands on xK Munich, Macromedia Cologne, European Film Academy, Den Norske Filmskolen (Norway), Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts (Sweden)


After many years of successful workshops together with makeup expert Isabelle Voinier, I joined her as co-author on updating her book about makeup in the times of high definition and digital cinematography. This english version of "ready for FullHD" is available directly from the publishers website... www.voinier.com (recommended) or via Amazon.



Its main goal is information and education for all makeup artists, but I personally can only stress how much valuable information I learned from our workshops while explaining video technology to makeup artists and listening to their approach of tangling skin tones. So I can also recommend this book to all camera and film production people interested in understanding more of the highly technical and complex field of makeup.



upcoming ...



Renamed to Berlinale Talents (and not Talent Campus anymore), I was asked again to host the Post Production Studio together with DP Birgit Gudjonsdottir for 20 selected Talents from all over the world.

We shot, edited and graded footage from a variety of digital cameras including the new Red Dragon and Red Epic Monochrome, Canon C500 and Arri Alexa. Along the practical exercises and hands-on for the Talents we did theory lectures about 'Digital Basics', 'File-based Workflow' and our 90 min. masterclass 'The Survival Guide to Digital Workflows'.

Image © Cecile Mella for the Red Dot Agency

Image © Cecile Mella for the Red Dot Agency

Image © Cecile Mella for the Red Dot Agency

Image © Cecile Mella for the Red Dot Agency



Introduction to colorgrading - 5 days seminar for camera students of the HFF Munich.



'From Colorcorrection to Look' - Introduction to colorgrading for students of all years at the FH Mainz during a week of workshops with external professionals.



'A Clear View' - 2nd part of the international workshop with students from the dffb Berlin, FAMU Prague, The London Filmschool, ESCAC Barcelona, UNATC Bucharest.

After the students shot their movies during the summer this time we graded and finished the films.



'Postproduction Workshop' at the dffb Berlin

As part of the postproduction workshop presented by Stefan Beckers, I joined the cinematography students of the 2nd year to give an introduction to colorgrading in general and specific workflows.

As a central part of this I explained and demonstrated the different colorspaces of 'Rec. 709' for digital broadcast and all HD deliveries, 'P3' for digital cinema packages - todays cinema's release prints and the process of grading with film print emulation Look-Up Tables. This included many 'hands-on' opportunities for the students learning the grading tools.



'Colorgrading Workshop' at the HFF Munich

Introduction to colorgrading for students inlcuding the grading and evaluation of test footage previously generated with a wide variety of digital cameras and analog film.



'A Clear View' - 2nd edition of the 2-part workshop for participants of various european filmschools hosted by the dffb in Berlin with support from ARRI Berlin.

I presented an introductory lecture about the basics of digital film acquisition and postproduction, leading to a brief demo of the dffb's Nucoda grading system. Other lecturers were Tina Mersmann (Line Producer/Postproduction Supervisor) with a case study about the Michael Hammon film "Gold", Niko Remus (Postproduction Supervisor) speaking about Margarethe von Trotta's film "Hannah Arendt", Patrick Lindenmaier (DP and colorist), Michael Bertl (DP and head of cinematography department at the dffb) and Steffen Paul and Steffen Scheid from ARRI.

Niko Remus presenting the basics of digital film postproduction.



'Look-Development' - 3 day seminar with DP Matthias Bolliger at ifs int. filmschool cologne

Participants shot test clips with various digital film cameras that we graded in the school's own DaVinci Resolve grading suite.

DP Matthias Bolliger in front of the 'class' of professionals.

Workshop participants using the LiveGrade tool provided and explained by

Patrick Renner of Pomfort (in foreground right edge).



'Berlinale Talent Campus - Postproduction Studio' - Workshop during the Berlinale International Filmfestival

Together with Icelandic/Austrian DP Birgit Gudjonsdottir I was asked to become mentor again for the Campus Studio after 2010 and 2012. This included the preparation of the shooting, selection of hardware and postproduction workflow as well as preparing a ninety minute lecture entitled "The Survival Guide to Digital Workflows".

The kick-off lesson about 'digital basics' for our 20 workshop participants.

Image © Cecile Mella for the Red Dot Agency

Shooting outside the House of World Cultures, Berlin (HKW). Left DP/mentor Birgit Gudjonsdottir, center talent Ama Boamah, right operator/1st AC Olaf Aue. © Cecile Mella for the Red Dot Agency

"The Survival Guide to Digital Workflows" - a lecture as dialogue between set and post, DP and colorist about the technical aspects of dealing with digital images throughout a feature film production. Presented open to the public and talent campus participants at the HAU3.

Image © Cecile Mella for the Red Dot Agency



'DI and Image Control' - 2-week-seminar about looks, digital cameras and colorgrading at HFF Munich with DP/professor Axel Block and camera students from Munich and Lisbon, Portugal.

Patrick Renner of Pomfort gives a short introduction and demo to their product LiveGrade on one morning during our workshop.



Introduction to colorgrading, theory and practice,

a 2-day-seminar at the ifs international filmschool cologne.


2012/September & April

'A Clear View' - Postproduction workshop for students of five different european filmacademies with a strong focus on workflow and digital colorgrading; hosted by the dffb Berlin.

Participants of filmacademies from Prague, Budapest, Lodz, London and Berlin at ARRI's grading suite in Berlin after a short overview presentation of today's postproduction possibilities.

Bottom right Stefan Beckers (dffb) and Steffen Scheid (ARRI).



Training and lecturing at Beyond Hands on HD workshop in Hannover.

Click on the image above to follow a link to Nordmedia's website about the workshop.

Lecture about Colormanagement for some of the postproduction class participants.

French DOP Philippe Ros was showing two shortfilm productions shot with the Sony F65.
Here together with Michael Radeck, head of the Postproduction department, who succeeded
with support from DVS to screen the 4k DCP on a Sony SXRD 4k projector.

I had the pleasure to assist on his presentation by giving an introduction to the IIF/ACES workflow.